GigaBeam Business Class packages are designed with business users in mind but are available to anyone.  Small Businesses can also choose from our GigaBeam Standard Broadband packages if enhanced service is not needed.

Business Class packages include the benefits of our GigaBeam Standard Broadband packages as well as:

  • Higher data capacity for business oriented use.
  • Single or multiple static IP Address
  • Increased upload speed for important VPN connections and remote desktops
  • Connection monitoring 24/7/365.  If your service is down we will know before you will, and begin repair immediately!
  • Preferred customer support.  You connection is critical and we will support you with personal service and technicians you will know by name.  All of our technicians are local.  No calling centers!
  • Completely customized packages to your specific needs with symmetrical speeds available up to 1Gbps (not available in all locations)

Optional services also include:

  • Point to Point VPN
  • Managed routers
  • Additional IPs/IP Blocks
  • Web and email hosting

For more information and pricing, contact us!