GigaBeam Business Class packages are designed with business users in mind but are available to anyone.  Very small businesses can also choose from our GigaBeam Standard Broadband packages if enhanced service is not needed.

Business Class packages include the benefits of our GigaBeam Standard Broadband packages as well as:

  • Higher data capacity for business oriented use.
  • Single or multiple static IP Address
  • Increased upload speed for important VPN connections and remote desktops
  • Connection monitoring 24/7/365.  If your service is down we will know before you will, and begin repair immediately!
  • Preferred customer support.  Your connection is critical and we will support you with personal service and technicians you will know by name.  All of our technicians are local.  No calling centers!
  • Completely customized packages to your specific needs with symmetrical speeds available up to 1Gbps (not available in all locations)

Optional services also include:

  • Point to Point VPN
  • Managed routers
  • Additional IPs/IP Blocks
  • Web and email hosting

For more information and pricing, contact us!

Download Speed
Up to 25Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 3Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Small office
  • 2-5 users


Download Speed
Up to 50Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 3Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Large Downloads
  • Mid Size offices
  • 5-20 users


Download Speed
Up to 1000Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 1000Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Ultimate in Speed!
  • Get a custom designed package for any business need
  • Optional dedicated ptp links for heavy users and large businesses
  • Need lots of upload?  We can provide it, Cable and DSL CAN'T!


Compare Us!

GigaBeam Network's Business Broadband offers the best in connectivity at affordable pricing and fast speeds.  We emphasis our quality connections with LOCAL support and service, something big cable and phone will never do.

Compare us to cable or dsl as shown here.  Switch, enjoy, and save with GigaBeam Networks.

  • Frontier:  $60 up to 20Mbps only
  • Verizon: n/a
  • Comcast: $99.95 up to 25Mbps (does not include modem rental)
  • Suddenlink: n/a
  • Frontier:  n/a - DSL speeds max at 24Mbps
  • Verizon:  n/a
  • Comcast: 109.95
  • Suddenlink: $85
  • Symmetrical speeds available (Cable and DSL cannot offer high upload speeds, we CAN!)
  • Customized to your needs at affordable pricing, Cable and DSL offer limited options
  • We are LOCAL with LOCAL support

 * competitor pricing based on their regular rates and pulled from their websites on 7-5-17

Hoping for Fiber?  GigaBeam Networks is currently developing plans to deploy Fiber to the Premise in select areas.  However, the cost of deployment is quite large and will only be economically viable in higher populated towns and locations.  Some companies are promising Fiber in local rural areas.  Do the math,  Fiber deployment costs around $20-60k per MILE.  If you're in a rural area, fiber isn't coming any time soon.  GigaBeam Broadband is here today and we plan to expand our services to every rural area in our footprint where demand is shown. Wireless technologies are rapidly advancing and next-gen LTE and 5g technologies are here today! We are deploying millimeter wave radios now that support speeds in excess of 2.5Gbps! All for a fraction of the cost of fiber!

Non-profits, churches, etc.

Contact us for special pricing!

Coming Soon!  GigaVoice Phone

Affordable phone service, check back soon for more information!

Coming Soon!  GigaStream TV

Full featured TV service without crazy cable/satellite pricing, including LOCALS!